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The Welton Academy Supernatural Bible School Online is neither a supernatural ministry school nor a dusty seminary. We have created a unique program that teaches the depths of the Word without becoming boring or denying the supernatural. We are focused on teaching the Bible through a New Covenant Kingdom perspective.

It is our passion to see all Christians operate in the supernatural, know their identity, walk in freedom, and be powerful people. We are not simply aiming at creating pastors and missionaries. No matter what your calling is, you must have a firm foundation in your identity, freedom, and the supernatural. We think long-term and build powerful people.

To be a part of where the Lord is leading the Church in the years to come, we must lay a new foundation in our understanding of the Word. The Word hasn’t changed, but some of our understanding of it must change; otherwise, we will hinder our growth and the advancement of the Kingdom of God.

A powerful advantage of the SBS is that while you are spiritually growing you are not isolated. You have the opportunity to interact with others who are growing in the same deep things you are learning. You are joining movement with others who are pressing forward with God..




Registration  & Class



A Welton Academy Laboratory is an extension of the online Supernatural Bible School. If an individual signs up to the SBS directly, he or she does their work online from home, reads the books on their own, and works directly under their administrator at Welton Academy. Whereas WA Labs open up the school for those who want to go through the same course material together as a group. Groups can be formed through churches, home, groups, fellowships, etc.,by watching the weekly videos on your church’s projector, projected in your home, on your TV, or any other way you can create. Each student within a WA Lab takes the school at a discounted price, and each Lab is run by a designated local administrator.

Registration is through the Welton Academy registration system; this means the local admin handles no registration money. Some partial scholarships may be available through the local church. Once each local church’s laboratories are confirmed, each individual registering lab student will be provided with a discount code. He or she can use this code to get registration discounted by $100 for the full first year of SBS. Each student is responsible for registering individually with the given discount code, and the discount code can be used on the main SBS registration page. Minimum of 6 students are required to make a WA Lab viable. All first year students for the Lab must be registered by September 1, 2015.